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We have been a registered internet consultancy business since 1994. Over the years we have designed and hosted HUNDREDS of websites (possibly more, we never counted).

When we started designing websites we were using HTML1 and NCSA Mosaic (long before Netscape and Explorer). Now most of our websites are based on PHP coding and Content Management Systems (CMS) which enable website owners to manage and maintain their websites easily.

We specialize in bi-lingual (French/English) websites and we have offices in France, UK and in the West Indies.

We also provide training courses to show people how to set up and run their own websites.

We provide full website hosting on our own state-of-the-art Linux server.

  • Secure electronic payments through Paypal or your own bank, perl/cgi, MySql/PHP, webstats, unlimited traffic, 24/24 maintenance, reboot, backup, Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop, etc. etc.
  • E-book adaptation and publishing using our own digital file delivery system
  • "E-mail only" domain name hosting - ""
  • Domain name registration and management - ordering your own .com, .org, .net, .biz and .fr domain name through us (very competitive rates)
  • Website search engine service, we help you to get your web pages seen
  • Designing bi-lingual websites or fixing your existing one

You have a website and you are very proud of it ..... except that every time you need to make a small alteration, swap a photo, add some new text, add a new link (or remove an old one), change a phone number or update your price list ..... what happens?

  • Your original web-designer has disappeared (or gone out of business)!!
  • You try to make the changes yourself but ftp, html, php, java, cgi and Wordpress are incomprehensible to you!!
  • Your friend, who knows something about computers, has a go and your website now looks awful!!
  • All the website designers you can find in the phone book want to charge you a fortune, out of all proportion with the minor changes you want!!!!

We are the answer to all your problems with our unique après-web service, we can update your website for our very reasonable standard hourly fee or propose a yearly "maintenance" fee including as many changes as you want.

We also provide training schemes to enable you to update your website yourself in the future.

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